• Publications
    • “Knowledge Accumulation, Privacy, and Growth in a Data Economy”, 2021, with Lin William Cong and Danxia Xie. Management Science, 2021, 67(10), 6480-6492.
    • “Endogenous Growth Under Multiple Uses of Data”, with Lin William Cong, Wenshi Wei and Danxia Xie. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2022, 141, 104395.
  • Working Papers
    • “Endogenous Growth with Data from Production”, with Danxia Xie. (SSRN #4033576) , under review in Journal of Monetary Economics.
    • “A New Mode of Human Capital Accumulation in the Digital Economy: DSGE Framework” (in Chinese), first author, with Mengtao Wu and Kangping Wu.
    • “Production, Trade, and Cross-Border Data Flows”, with Qing Chang and Liyong Wang.
    • “The Fall and Rise of Labor Share During Structural Transformations”, with Danxia Xie. (SSRN #3464728)
  • Working in Progress
    • “Cross-Border Data Flows, Technology Diffusion and Growth”, with Ting Ji.
    • “Endogenous Growth and Human Capital Accumulation in a Data Economy”, with Mengtao Wu.

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